Attila Galambos K.: Chinese Defence - an interview with Gábor Tompa (02/16/1999)

Erzsi Báthory: Ball from the past back to the past (02/16/1999)

Lia Somogyi: Jadviga's pillow - On Krisztina Deák's film under preparation (11/21/1998)

Peter Herzog - Romano Tozzi: Loving Life and Not Fearing Death - The life of Lya de Putti (11/05/1998)

Klára Muhi: Much Ado About Emmy An interview during the shooting of the film...(08/17/1998)

Erzsi Lendvai: A Painter in Pannonia - In memoriam György Kovásznai(1934-1983) György Gábor Kovásznai would have been 64 years old on 15th May.(08/17/1998)

Erzsi Lendvai: A poet of science: Ágoston Kollányi (1913–1988)(08/17/1998)

Erzsi Báthory: Tamás Tóth: The Russian line? An interview by Erzsi Báthory: Tamás Tóth: The Russian line?(08/17/1998)

Erika Ozsda: A curse of being a cameraman is that you always have to be the wife of someone else Cameraman of the Dream Miners: Vivi Vasile Dragan (08/03/1998)

Erzsi Báthory: Feri’s Gang and the Magic Ball An interview with Péter Tímár (06/11/1998)

Erika Ozsda: "Eizenstein might not have been right after all" An interview with Tamás Sas (06/09/1998)

Erika Ozsda: The way they live is full of inconceivable freedom and joy An interview with Edit Kőszegi (06/09/1998)

Katerina Pošová: "We ought to have a Ministry for the Moral-Intellectual Environment" An interview with Jirí Menzel (05/22/1998)

Mária Taser: "Dream is a second life" Hommage a Andre Delvaux (06/15/1998)

Klára Muhi: A César in the Dustbin (02/07/1998)

Gábor Tanner: Dustin Hoffman (09/18/1997)

Mária Traser: Alain Delon (09/18/1997)

Erzsi Báthory: Hungarian Absurd '96 (05/14/1997)

Erzsi Báthori: Interview with film director György Palásthy (02/15/1997)

Erika Ozsda's interview with Lajos Gulyás (02/02/1997)

Erika Ozsda's interview with Marianne Miklós: The one who set up these images is called... (02/02/1997)

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