Hungarian Films In The Making


Film based on István Fekete's novel Derengő hajnal (Day Breaking)

According to plans, next year a film will be made from István Fekete's novel called Day Breaking (Derengő hajnal). Among people (Emberek között) will be directed by Hubert G. Wells. The director of photography is János Badal and among the cast there we find Tibor Bitskey, Barbara Hegyi, Kristóf Németh and Andrea Deák (winner of Miss Universe Hungary 1996). In the centre of the story, which takes part in the 30s, there is a forest ranger, his family, and also shows the close relationship between people and nature.


Little but Tough II. (Kicsi, de erős II.)

Ferenc Grunwalsky decided to continue his story Little but Tough (Kicsi, de erős). In this film, which is in the making, Pál Bogár (Sándor Gáspár) returns to his family after 10 years to see what happened to the shared inheritance. Besides Gáspár, there are also some actors and actresses from the previous part such as Ágnes Csere and Zoltán Mucsi. The new actors and actresses are Jácint Juhász, József Szarvas and Dorottya Udvaros.


Mayakovsky's Moscow- according to Sándor Reisenbüchler

On the occasion of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, the Russian EGI company (Europe Gold International) have asked 27 famous Russian and foreign animated film directors to make a selection of hour-long films. Sándor Reisenbüchler together with Kinga Rófusz made a 65-minute-film etude called Mayakovsky’s Moscow (Majakovszkij Moszkvája), which shows the special atmosphere of the 20s. According to the plan, the already finished films will be shown by 75 television stations. Sándor Reisenbüchler, after this film, started to work on a new production called The World Has a Happy Ending (Boldog világvége).


Csuportkép by Dóra Pajor

Dóra Pajor who gained her degree as a film director in France is preparing for the shooting of her first feature film. The script of the film called Csuportkép was written by the director together with Edit Sohonyi. It is a comedy in the atmosphere of the 70's in an imaginary little village called Csuport. The producer of the film is Megafilm - the same as in the film called Zimmer Feri (Feri's Gang).


Sako's wedding - the first Albanian-Hungarian co-production is in the making

The shooting of the first Albanian-Hungarian co-production has started in Tirana. The script of the film called Sako's Wedding (Sako mennyegzője) has been written by Vath Koreshi, one of the most popural writers in contemporary Albanian literature. The director of photography is Tibor Klöpfler and the Hungarian partner of the film is Focus film.


The Alchemist and the Virgin (Az alkimista és a szűz)

Zoltán Kamondi is shooting his new film called The Alchemist and the Virgin (Az alkimista és a szűz), made by a Hungarian-French-Polish co-production. The Hungarian partners of the film, which has been shot in Transylvania, are the MTV Young Artists' Studio, the New Dialog Studio and the Eurofilm Studio. The main characters of the film are played by the Polish Mariusz Bonaszevszki (the alchemist) and Eszter Ónodi (the virgin). Amongst the other actresses and actors there are Péter Haumann, Danuta Szaflarszka, Mari Nagy and Norbert Növényi. The director of photography for the film is Gábor Medvigy.


Blood of the Rose

Dezső Zsigmond is directing a new film called Blood of the Rose (A rózsa vére). In the story of the film, which takes place in our time in the Hungarian provinces, there is an element of "Thriller" and "Mafia" film.

The script was written by Géza Balogh and Károly Veér. Amongst the main actors and actresses are Sándor Gáspár, Eszter Nagy-Kálózy, György Barkó and Vlagyimir Juscsenko.



Judit Kőszegi, who is mostly known as director of documentary films about the Romany, has recently started shooting a feature film. Her new film entitled Sitiprinc is on a documentary basis and takes place amongst the Romany at the beginning of the century. Amongst the main actors and actresses one can find Mihály Szabados, Lajos Kovács, Tamás Végvári, Mari Nagy, Miklós Székely B. and István Bicskei. Besides professional actors and actresses in the film there are some amateur Romany as well.


Orb (Országalma) - KVB feature film, directed by György Pálos and György Czabán

In the second half of August, Közgáz Visual Brigade started shooting its new feature film called Orb (Országalma) in Csenyéte near Nyíregyháza. The film is directed by György Pálos and György Czabán. According to the film-makers, the story, whic h is written by Péter Kárpáti, is a mixture of tale and reality. The film is being shot mostly in a natural setting without any scenery. The main character of the film is Sándor Badár, and amongst other characters we can find director, János Herskó and independent film-makers, József Szolnoki and József Búzás. They and the members of the KVB are on friendly terms. Professional actors in the film are János Kulka, Erika Marozsán, Mari Nagy and Miklós Székely B.. The main supporter of the low budget film is the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation.


István Szabó is making a new film - the main character is Ralph Fiennes

István Szabó's new film will be shot in Budapest, Vienna, Berlin and Paris next summer. The production company of the film will be the Canadian Alliance Pictures. The main character of the film - which so far lacks a title- will be the Englishman R alph Fiennes. The film script is written by István Szabó and Israel Horovitz. The story happens in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The film is about three generations of a Jewish family, which in spite of its poor origin rose socially.


Pannon Fragments (Pannon töredékek)-András Sólyom's new film

András Sólyom's latest film called Pannon Fragments (Pannon töredékek) is based on Miklós Mészöly's short story concerning the events of 1956. Sólyom was not only the director of the film, but the director of photography and the scriptwriter as well. The premiére of the film will be 23 October on HBO. The two main characters of the film are Erika Marozsán and Sándor Almási. The other roles include András Nagyváradi, Kati Lázár, Tamás Jordán, János Horváth and Frigyes Hollós. The film is supported by the Hungarian Historical Film Foundation, Duna Television, MOKÉP and TV 3.


Simon, the Magician (Simon mágus) - Ildikó Enyedi is shooting her new film in Paris

At the end of August Ildikó Enyedi's latest work Tamás and Juli (Tamás és Juli) took part in the 54th Venice Film Festival in the section of short films. The director is preparing for shooting her new feature film called Simon, the Magician (Simon mágus). Although Simon lived in the first century AD and was considered to be the past master of gnosis, the story of the film happens in our time. According to the director, our age is very similar to the first period of gnosis. We live in a restless, searching period, the homogeneous world concept has collapsed . This time people start searching in every direction, asking questions, looking for new world philosophy. This is the time of waiting for miracle, but the scepticism towards it is also strong enough. The film is going to be shot in Paris, so besides Péter Andorai, who plays the main character, we can see mostly French actors and actresses. In the Hungarian staff we can find Tibor Máthé-director of photography, Mária Rigó-film editor, István Sípos-sound editor. The film is supported by the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation, Hungarian Television, Eurimages, CNC, and produced by Budapest Filmstudio and Eurofilm Studio.